We are in our last phase before the final plunge into business. All the education, hard work, planning and dreaming is coming together to form what I, Crystal Lengua, have been envisioning all along. A company that helps businesses. That ACTUALLY helps businesses by not only telling them what they need to do to succeed- but showing them, educating them and ensuring that they understand so that they can walk away with the confidence they need to truly prosper.

I have a soft spot for small businesses. Why small businesses?

I want to help small businesses because I understand how important they are to our community. Over the years I’ve watched “the big guys” move in and take over. I’ve seen them “bully” the little guy if you will and I don’t think it’s fair. I also don’t think that just because they are bigger and they have more money in their budget for marketing, advertising and PR that they are better. That old saying “good things come in small packages” still holds true- I believe that.

My background consists of 10+ years of field experience paired with certifications in Marketing Management, Event Management, Corporate Communications/ Public Relations and Social Media Marketing. This blog will share some of my tips, tricks, advice and articles from industry professionals.

I will cut this ‘introduction’ short to avoid leading you to believe this blog falls under the “shameless promotion” category. I just want you to know that I am perfecting my internal brand so that I can focus with everything I have externally come January 2014. I am thrilled to be embarking on this journey and look forward to everything this venture has in store!

Crystal Lengua

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