Paper or Ecard

Ahhhhhh the modern day ‘holiday well wishes’ debate. Do you send a card via mail or email? Is there a right or wrong answer? What comes off as more professional? More personal? More ‘holiday’?

I personally can go either way. For me? It depends on WHO is sending the card. If you are a close work associate, a friend, a major client or a past client that I have a great rapport with- I would love a good old fashioned paper card to showcase around my office and add some holiday cheer! If you are a prospective client, a past acquaintance/client or practically a stranger, then I find an ecard will do just fine! Regardless I am not judging you based on the avenue you choose to send your holiday cheer.

“So what are some pros and cons of both sending and receiving either card” I asked myself.

I figure for paper:

PRO: Seems more from the heart, makes a great decoration for the office

CON: It needs to be tossed out (unless you save them every year… ?), Can be quite pricey for the cards and the mailing, takes a lot of time to write/mail

For ecard:

PRO: Inexpensive, could include a fun song/dance that would make me laugh, is green (nothing to throw out), can be easily branded to match your company, can include links to Christmas parties, quick to send out

CON: Could include a fun song/dance that will blare out into my office, Could end up in my spam, no warmth of handwriting, do you have everyone’s email? may not open properly, may be missed in the sea of emails/junk emails

Now, looking at my pro and con lists- paper cards don’t make the most sense… but yet, I still like them and so do a lot of other people. How do I know that? I TOOK TO A CROWDSOURCE. I used my personal and professional Twitter, facebook, Instagram, email and face-to-face and asked the question “PAPER or ECARD” for your office? The results were in high favor of paper. Out of 48 responses? 45 said paper. Now, this isn’t a technical statistical survey- this was just for fun- so I won’t bother graphing out my findings- I will just share some answers!

“I don’t like cards from coworkers that sit 3 desks over. Can’t you just wish me cheer personally? Now I am obligated to display it until Christmas. I appreciate cards from a co-worker that either works in another location or left the company or retired. But I also appreciate an email because they often include a personal wish or news from that person.” Female age 36

“I’m all for technology, and moving forward, and all that, but when it comes to Christmas, it’s all traditional to me. I want a paper card, hand-written. why? Because I can send an email message any time of the year, and it means nothing. At Christmas, don’t send me a gift, send me a hand-written card and I KNOW that you’re really thinking of me. You know what they say: “It’s the thought that counts” I would never cc a Christmas card.” – Male Age 40

“I’m not into over consumption of the Earths raw materials – I guess a way to show someone you care is always nice… an e card can be clever and caring for the environment” Female Age 27

“When I worked at the Ad agency, an e-card was a cool novelty – 5 years ago. Not so much these days. Getting a paper card, with a hand-written note/signature might be a novelty these days, to make you stand out” – Male Age 40

“Traditional card 100%. It shows effort. Anyone can hit a few keys and be done. But it’s definitely the thought that counts on this one.”- Female Age 29

So at the end of the day, I have heard many debates on the topic and am always fascinated with the passion that backs one choice or another. After all, isn’t it the thought that counts?

What do you think? Paper? Or Ecard?

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