So you’ve committed to social media! Happy to hear it- the “social media fad” has turned out to be more of a ‘revolution’ and it isn’t going anywhere but up. It’s definitely here to stay.

So you signed up, but now what? I know it can be intimidating but rest assured that once you get the hang of it? Posting will come naturally and you will be eager to share. For now, I will provide you with an easy to follow social media posting schedule to adhere to daily. YES DAILY. It will only take a moment of your time and you need to stay active.

BROCCOLI Consulting Social Media Posting Schedule

The key to social media for businesses is to STAY ON BRAND. Use your personal twitter to share pictures of your sandwich if you need to (unless you have a sandwich shop… that is the exception). Staying on brand means you need to keep the information you share relevant to your business/product/service/culture. It also helps to keep a positive undertone throughout your account. Make people WANT to follow you!

You may or may not know of ‘The Hashtag- #” The hashtag is used throughout social media as a means of filtering your post into categories/ onto separate pages, so that everyone who has used that hashtag or is interested in that hashtag can see all of the posts ABOUT that hashtag from all over the world. This can help you reach out to people outside of your follower list (which is good for attracting new followers). For example; I would write my tweet:

“Check your links! Always! In an email, social media post- whenever you send a link…Make sure it directs properly. #businesstip

Now because I hashtagged “businesstip” that tweet is not only on MY account but is placed on a separate page dedicated to everyone in the world who is using or searching for that tag. Hashtags do not have spaces so please don’t write an entire sentence- that isn’t the right way to use them. I will write more about Hashtags later- if you get it, use it! If not? that’s ok! Regular use of your social media accounts will get you more familiar with it. I promise.

Every social media outlet has a MAX amount of characters you can use in a post. I will list some of the more popular ones for beginners to start you off the hop and help you figure out how long your post can be:

Twitter: 140

Facebook: 5000- 63 000+ (yes, thousands… please don’t use them all up.)

Google+: 100 000 on posts

Pinterest: 500 in descriptions

If you want to learn a bit more about social media for beginners? Click here and read about why it’s important to stay active on your accounts. If you aren’t sure about what social media outlet is for sharing what? Click here and check out a short formed social media guide for beginners.

Happy Posting!

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