Naming your business!

Naming your business is an important (and daunting) task.  You want it to be memorable, cohesive, different and creative. You want to make sure that it isn’t taken by anyone else. You want to make sure that a domain name (or one that makes sense with it) is available. You also have to make sure the name you choose isn’t offensive or negative (in both English and other languages)!  All of these factors rolled together make for a potentially long journey to the “perfect” business name.

To help you with your process, here are some tips:

1) Make sure the name you pick isn’t already taken. A simple web search can give you surface results or for a deeper investigation you can use government business name searches.

2) Steer clear of trendy words and phrases. Just because they are “in” now? Doesn’t mean they will be a year from now.

3) Say it aloud- how does it sound? How many syllables is it?

4) Use a thesaurus. Maybe the name you wanted is taken- does it have a synonym? A thesaurus can help guide you through similar words/meanings and potentially spark inspiration or a new direction.

5) Ask your trusted friends and family for their opinions- what they think shouldn’t make or break your decision but it’s nice to get feedback from your inner circle.

6) Avoid names that don’t relate to your business in some way- you don’t want to confuse people or make it so farfetched that people don’t make any connection. If your name doesn’t convey your vision- perhaps a tagline/slogan needs to be added to help shed light on your venture.

7) Avoid ‘crazy’ and misspelled names. You want people to be able to enter your business name into a search engine and find you. In some instances it can make your name more memorable- but in an electronic age? Always try and consider what an audience will be typing into Google.

8) Perhaps you can combine two words? *ach hem* facebook *cough*

9) Initials and acronyms are ‘ok’… they are just boring… meh. Plus a custom two or three letter company URL will be hard to come across.

10)Think of your logo. How will your business name appear? It’s an important part of your branding!

Your business name and logo is the first thing potential customers and employees will learn about you and we all know the value of first impressions. Have fun with it, it won’t happen overnight (most times) and remember that at the end of the day- this is your vision, your company and your logo. Follow your heart and enjoy the process.


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