BROCCOLI Consulting is a full service communications and marketing company.

We offer services that help grow your brand and strategically meet your unique

We believe that campaign efforts should be measurable and we
pride ourselves in our ability to think outside of the box, within your budget.

We believe in branding and the power that cohesiveness has on an audience.

We design websites that are user friendly, search engine optimized and dynamic.

We help you maintain your image internally as well as externally with PR.

We love everything that is marketing- traditional, guerrilla and digital.

We create and manage your social platforms using your voice.

We plan business events that will knock your socks off.

We want to save you money. That’s right, we said it.


We help you grow.

We are good for you.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Crystal, I love what you are doing here! Your blog is laid out so cleanly and it’s easy to navigate to exactly what I need on any particular day as I wade through the start-up of my own business. All the best.

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